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About our Approach and Philosophy

We always try to write about those things or activities where investment is involved. Our journey has started from investing only, so we primarily focus on that. We request you to do your own research whether you are investing, spending, or managing money. In this whole world, you will be the most anxious or concerned person for your money, Neither your maid nor your relatives.

Only YOU !!!

Always Try to be a Compound Investor, Neither a Value Investor nor a Growth Investor

Let’s understand compounding with the help of Rabri. Pour some milk in a pan, boil the milk, its malai gets collected on its top. again boil more milk more malai gets collected on the top of the pan, Yes the collection of malai is Rabri. Have you understood compounding? Basically, Compounding simply means Intrest on Intrest. In Rabri’s case it is malai on malai but remember if you have eaten the first malai then you will not be able to enjoy the final malai. Similarly, if you have taken out the Intrest amount from your Investment Product then you won’t be able to enjoy its Compounded result.

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Our Approach

  • The more we learn the more we earn.
  • Always buy high-value things and investment products at cheap prices.
  • Mathematical treatments are the most important ones while analyzing or finding new opportunities on the internet or in the market.
  • Try to read between lines whether you are reading a book or a person.
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Our Philosophy

My portfolio will grow as fast as “T” grow. I shouldn’t depend on my portfolio, my portfolio should depend on me.

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Our Focus

Search Opportunities on the internet or in the market to excel your skills or investment amount 19%

If you are able to make, atleast


from the market annually, then you are in the 2% category, who makes wealth from the market