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29 Best Stock Market Websites (Useful Websites and Apps)

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This stock market websites collection is what you need to trade and invest in the stock market. I have mentioned all the best websites for share market, which I know to learn, trade, research and many more things. Most tools are for learning and researching the financial instrument in the upcoming list. Some are the best stock market websites in India, some are the best in the US, and some are global. During the lockdown period, the market was down, and traders and investors took advantage of that. In FY2021, 14.2 million new demat accounts were opened by Indian investors and traders, setting a new high. It is about three times more than in the previous fiscal year. I have found almost 25+ stock market sites on the Internet, and I will list them in this blog.

I promise this blog will have all the resources, websites and reading material related to the stock market. I will also tell you which is India’s best stock market website, so just read.

It is one of the most common stock websites or research tools. I call it an all-rounder tool where you can find news, articles, blogs, and screen for stock analysis too. They also have a separate section for crypto, IPOs, mutual funds, commodities, personal finance, and many more. 

In the header section of the website, you can see the following tabs:

  1. Markets: In Section, you can see the tops losers, top gainers, most sold stock, and most bought stock. You can also see which stock has touched 52W low or 52W high, which has high volume, and which is the most active stock. In the same market section, you can spy on the portfolios of Big Investors and see What shares they are buying? Along with this, you can also see the actions of domestic institutional investors and foreign institutional investors. 
  2. News: In the News section, you read about economy, company, mutual fund, personal finance, IPO, startups, real estate and small and medium enterprises. 
  3. MC Learn: The Section is my favorite as it will teach you more financial concepts. 
  4. Mutual Funds: In the Section on mutual funds, you can see top-rated funds, Exchange-traded funds, and many more. You can also see tools like SIP Calculator, Delay cost calculator, etc. 
  5. Personal Finance: In this Section, you can see many topics like investing, insurance, property, banking, fixed deposits, taxes, loans and credit cards, etc. 

You can also use the search bar to check for a specific company. Moneycontrol also has a mobile app. 

The one thing I don’t like about moneycontrol is that there are too many ads on this website. 

Let me tell you an exciting fact moneycontrol is owned by the Reliance Group. 


The name of this website tell the functioning of the website. If you are planning to stock trade in india, then this website can be a great tool for you. When you search for a particular stock in the search bar of the website you will see a separate section for the technicals and many more things. 

Let see what all are the features of this stock market website. 

  1. Market: here you will get a summary of the market where you can see top losers, top gainers, activities of FII and DII. Here you can also compare stocks, can also check which company’s key member has resigned.
  2. Results: In this section you will those companies whose quarterly results announced recently and can also compare the performance of the company from the last quarter. 
  3. Mutual Fund: Now this section is very different from all other websites, they have sections related to size, theme and different types of fund like debt fund, hybrid fund, multicap fund, large cap fund, savings fund and exchange traded fund etc. 
  4. F&O: This section is dedicated to Futures and Options and also there is a screen for that too by which you can filter out. 
  5. Reports: This sections provides you the upgrades and downgrades of the broker and also the buy and sell calls. I personally don’t take any buy or sell call and I also recommend you the same be independent. 
  6. Screens: Here, you will get screen by which you can filter out a stock based on many contents like market cap, stock price, PE ratio and many more things. 
  7. Superstars: This section is related to big sharks or we can say that the big investors, by this section you can check what big investors has bought and sold in the last quarter. 
  8. Portfolio: This is customizable feature and it actually analyzes your portfolio and recommend you based on that. 
  9. Watchlist: Here you can add those stocks which you want to keep in your watchlist. 


So this tool is attractive in design and will show no ads on their website. This stock market website is divided into two sections one is for free users, and another one is for premium users. 

Free Plan: In the free plan, you will see News and Updates, Activities of FIIs & DIIs, Indices, Big Deals, Sectors, Stocks and Trending Stocks.

Premium Plan: In Premium Plan, you will get scans, investment ideas to build your portfolio, you can look into an investor’s portfolio, reports created by the stock edge analyst, Investment themes in which you can invest and derivative analytics too. 

They have a mobile app too. You can click on this link if you want to use their mobile view on a desktop.

This is my favourite, and I guess your favourite too. With these tools, you can create a screen for your stock. Let’s say you want a mid-cap stock whose ROI is more than 10%, profit is more than 20%, and any other checklist, then you can put that in the query section. The screen will automatically show the list of that stock, and you can filter too. You can also add stocks to your favourites, and you will find all the company’s major news in your email.

If you like to invest in the US market, this could be a great tool for you where you get many news, updates and many more things. Again this stock market website has all the functions as other websites, but it is more centric on foreign markets.

On this stock market website you can also search about Indian stocks.

If you like to trade in the market, this will be heaven for you. You will find charts, screens, heatmaps and many more things. You will also get drawing tools here to draw lines on the candlestick charts of a particular stock. People trade in crypto and other financial instruments, too therfore tradingview also has charts of those financial instruments. You can draw and predict the price of the bitcoin too. Forex traders need not worry; The trading view also has trading functions for you.

If you want to be a great investor, you need to listen to the con calls of the AGM carefully, and If you want to be a good analyst, I recommend you to start listening to the con calls of the meetings. This website has a recording of all con calls of the meeting of almost all companies who are listed on the stock exchange. You can check their youtube channel, too, where they upload audio on that. By listening to the company’s key personas, you will know how they think and how much they are prepared for the business. 

An alternative way to find the concall of the meeting is to search on google by the keyword “Concall of the company name”. You can also mention quarter. 

This stock market website operates all over the world, and each country has separate domains like is for Indian visitors, is for Brazilian visitors etc. Traders often use this website, but they don’t much this website as it mostly promotes the news and updates related to the market. Like other websites, you will get tools, charts, analysis, and many more.

This tool is developed by a renowned investor in India, Mr Pranjal Kamra. I have learned things from him. You should also check his youtube channel. Talking about this tool, you will see many like market, screens, IPO, mutual funds, and Super Investors.
I like that feature where you have to enter the company’s name and get a short fundamental analysis of that stock.

This is also my favourite tool as it works like a screener. But there is one major difference between and In ticker tape, You can log in with your broker’s account. You don’t need to sign up with your email. You can filter out stocks and many things just like in the

This stock market website primarily focuses on advisory and premium plans for its visitors. This website has good features, but they all are included in the premium plan. Earlier I used this website to download the broker’s report and learn how non-banking finance companies’ financial analysts create reports. I also recommend you download and read some reports to learn how they prepare the report.

Being a website designer, I can say that this website is designed in such as way that you will be easy navigating through the website. They are more focused on mutual funds and will filter out mutual fund schemes from their tools, where you can compare and monitor them. You will also know which new fund is coming into the market. They will also recommend you tax saver funds and steady income funds. They also have a separate stock section where they have some screens based on the investment philosophy of some legendary investors like Graham, Peter Lynch, etc. My favourite thing about this website is that they write good blogs about finance and tax-saving tips.

If you are doing management analysis, then you should check this website. This website has all the directors of all Indian companies listed or not listed on the stock exchange. You can also check who is the director of the company where you work.

It would be best to search by the company’s full name, like ABC PVT. LTD., then you will come to know about its directors. You can also check whether or not the director has a position as a director in another company. 

Now, this is important for you to know. Some times management of the company do transaction with other company, and later retail investors like you and I came to know that they have used the company’s capital for their own company. 

The crook directors can also open a shell company in their relative name and transfer the money from the main company where you have invested money. 

On this website, you can see the company name, registered address, registration number, date of incorporation, company age, and the directors’ email ID too. You can also see the 8-digit DIN, i.e. Director Incorporation Number. 

Fact: Can you guess who has the 00000001 as his Director Incorporation Number?

Let see  

Next Time, do check the company background and the director’s background at the Time of picking the stock.

If you like to practice or play games for stock trade then you can use this website. Here you will Rs. 1 Crore as Initial Money and then you can trade by using that.  If you want to be a good trader then you can practice here with the virtual money and this gaming setup actually asks you about the stock, stop loss, target price, quantity etc. 

Upstox is a low-cost trading organization in India that offers trading possibilities at unbelievable pricing. The company offers trading in several areas, such as stocks, commodities, currencies, futures, and options, through its Upstox Pro Web and Upstox Pro Mobile trading platforms.
Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata, and GVK Davix are among the investors of Upstox.
Trading, analysis, charting, and other advanced trading capabilities are available on the Upstox trading platform. This platform facilitates order placement using mobile phones and online browsers. The Upstox trading platform is based on Omnisys NEST OMS (Order Management System) and Omnisys NEST RMS (Record Management System) (Risk Management System).
Upstox Pro allows you to trade equity F&O, equity intraday, commodities, and currency derivatives.
To Open an Account with India’s Leading Broker.

Wait, if you open your account by clicking on the below button, I will send you my excel sheet by which you can analyze the stock. This excel sheet is worth $49, but you will get this for free.

After completing the account opening process, Mail me at I will send you that Excel Resource Sheet, which you can use for your stock market research.

Groww is a financial platform that provides a new method to invest money through stockbroking and direct mutual funds.

The platform offers insights into mutual funds, systematic investment planning, equity-linked savings, and everything in the personal finance world, assisting new investors in the making investing simple by maintaining a simplified user interface to make investing easy, accessible, transparent, and paperless, allowing users to invest in mutual funds without any hassles. Customers may also use the Groww platform to invest in gold and US equities. The startup is also a member of the winter 2018 batch of Y Combinator.
Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh, and Ishan Bansal founded the firm in Bengaluru, Karnataka, in 2017.

One thing I like is that when you search for a particular stock or mutual fund, Then interference of Groww will show you a small analysis of the same stock or mutual funds such as sales, profit revenue, product catalogue and many more.

INDmoney is a smartphone app that helps people invest, save, and plan for their financial future. The app is well-known for allowing users to invest in US stocks and for its digital banking function, the Super Saver account.

You can easily sign up on upstox, and it will easily analyse your portfolio. The Bot of IND Money sends you a notification on whatsapp if you receive any dividend from the company you invested in. 

I use the IND Money app to buy US stocks, and guess what? You can buy fractional shares too. 

To get the Apple Share worth Rs.1000 for FREE! Click the below button.

If you are from an economics background, you should know about this website. In the header section of this stock market website, you will find options like currency, stock, commodity, bonds, and crypto. This is a macro website based on the geographical location. EIC model is used by most investors, where EIC stands for Economy, Industry and Company, so to analyze the market, you can use this website. You will also get a forecast report here, and this website also includes US fred data and world bank statistics. The feature I like most about this website is that you can compare the graph of two metrics of a different country. For example, you can compare a graph of SENSEX and Gold Rates.

When it comes to industry analysis, you must consider this website. The market and this website also show you news about SMEs and startups. They also have a different section of the Indian Economy where you can see how the country’s Economy is performing. In the Indian economy section, you can also check activities by foreign direct investments and institutional investors and, most importantly, publish a monthly economic report.
Suppose you are in the domain of Import and Export. In that case, you can also consider this website, where you will learn about many things like cotton, plastics, pharma, spices, oil, engineering, coconut, coffee, leather, jute, handloom and many more.


This is the official website of the National Stock Exchange. Their courses and reading material are good and knowledgeable. You can also check out their courses on the website.
Most traders use this website to check the market data, where you will get most of the information regarding pre-opening, equity, SMEs, derivatives, Indices etc.
It would help if you also went through the Raising capital and corporate filing section.

If you like to take advantage of the IPOs, you need to consider this website. This website primarily focuses on upcoming IPOs in the market where they have described IPO open date, closing date, allotment of shares, listing date etc.
Considering the next IPO, you need to consider this website. This website also shows a little glimpse of the company’s financials.
I recommend that you download the DHRP document of the company, where you will learn why the company is raising funds, allowing shares, who is their investment banker and more things.

Here you have to enter the stock name, and the website will automatically do the stock research to see many things like competitive advantage, promoter holding, and which other companies have invested in it. How large amount does a mutual fund company invest in it? You will also get news related to your stock. They do write good blogs where you can get many investing ideas.

This is the website where you can get free and paid courses. This website is more inclined towards the courses, and you will get many courses from personal finance to cryptocurrency.

No one likes to read the full news article for 500-660 words, but now this tool of Zerodha is bringing the most trending news in the market in just 30-40 words so that you can have a little bit of idea about the market and you will be able to cover more news. You will also get news by clicking on the trending word in the market.

Their study material and blog are quite knowledgeable. Their videos are in the Hinglish language. If you are a beginner, do consider this website for your learning.

This website is also good for beginners, where you can read about the stock market and investment.

To stay updated on the market, you can also start reading a magazine where you will come to know about other businesses too, and you will also come to know how startups are performing.

You can post your query in this forum, and any member from the forum will try to answer your query. It is a great way to engage your visitors,

You can learn from this website if you like to trade in Options. You will be able to learn the options market in the most fun way.

Final Words

Thank you for reading blog on rupay rajat

All the above websites have different functions, and they also have different capabilities. I recommend you to go to each website and scroll through the website so that you can see the whole functioning of the website. In this world, all of us are different; we have different mindsets and psychology, so you have to choose on your own and select the best site for the share market. Also, I want to suggest that you never take any stock tips from any website or person.
Comment on this blog, which is your most loved share market websites.
I have tried to write so that you know all the stock market websites and its usage so that you can analyze the investing opportunity in more wiser way.
I hope I have written in such a way that you feel confident about all stock market wesbites.
If you have any finance, stock, or investment queries, you can leave your comments. I will respond to them and try to give you the best answer.
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